Account Branding

Social media is an effective and engaging way to help the UNC Charlotte brand come to life. The information below focuses on the visual aspects of the brand and adhering to brand standards, but the brand doesn’t stop there. Learn more about communicating the brand consistently through content presentation and guidelines and best practices.

Branding your social media presence

Profile branding

  • Account branding for all university-affiliated social media profiles is managed by the University Communications social media team. Upon account registration, the social media team will provide administrators with a branded profile image, account name, and account handle.
  • Accounts that are unregistered, yet fall under the parameters of the University social media policy, will not receive branded assets and will not be considered official university recognized accounts. Please refer to the policy on registration parameters.

University brand style guide

  • As part of the University rebrand, the university style guide encompasses need-to-know information about how the brand is applied and maintained across channels and audiences. The social media portion provides an in-depth look at how the brand will apply to the social media landscape specifically.

Templates + visual assets

  • As part of the University re-brand, pre-made templates and visual assets are available for use on university-affiliated social media platforms, including:
    • Cover photo imagery
    • Graphic elements sized per platform
    • Pre-build templates for promoting articles and research
  • Please note that you must log in with a university email account to gain access, and only those with registered accounts will be granted permission.

Account branding best practices + tips

  • Think like an audience member. What might help reinforce to them that this account, post, or message is from UNC Charlotte? What visual cues might be helpful to include to help make the connection?
  • Try to build consistency across the various social media platforms you have a presence on in the way you apply the brand visually.
  • Utilize the University logo as an identifier, not as a graphic element when applying to social media graphics. It should not appear in the background of other elements, stretched, or transparent.
  • When adding or changing identifying information on a profile, use ‘UNC Charlotte’ wherever possible, especially in place of ‘UNCC’, to connect your account or discipline to the University. If character counts restrict the use of UNC Charlotte, consider “Charlotte” or “CLT”.
    • INSTEAD OF: “Student Affairs at UNCC”
    • TRY: “UNC Charlotte Student Affairs”
  • Get the most out of your account biography by using the valuable real estate to talk about your mission, goal, or the ‘why’ behind your office or department.
    • INSTEAD OF: “Official Twitter of Student Affairs”
    • TRY: “Developing thoughtful, community-minded and engaged leaders and citizens of the world at @unccharlotte